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Rochester, N.Y.

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ROTORK is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of industrial valve actuators, valve control systems, valve gearboxes and accessories.

ROTORK’S global network of over 150 offices and representatives provides a localised single source for these products, supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services.

THE ROTORK GROUP comprises four divisions:

Rotork Controls is Rotork’s Electric Valve Actuator Division, offering an electrical solution to industrial valve control and actuation applications of virtually any size, description and complexity.

Rotork Controls’ capabilities encompass actuators and control systems for new plants, plant extensions and upgrades, together with life of plant support.  all activities are available from the world’s largest dedicated sales and service network, providing a truly local service that is tailored for the specific needs of customers and industries in every part of the globe.  Rotork’s unrivalled range of market-leading products offers a robust and economic solution for every valve duty and operating environment.

Rotork Fluid Systems is dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and support of powerful and dependable fluid power valve actuators on a global scale.

Manufacturing Plants in Italy, Germany, United States and Sweden are supported by a strategic network of centres of excellence, serving application engineering, control system packaging, installation, commissioning and after sales support for local industries.  Customers also benefit from Rotork’s international sales and service organisation, providing even greater global coverage and ensuring a swift and effective response to customer requirements.

Rotork Fluid Systems’ commitment to quality and safety includes custom test systems to secure the correct operation and functionality of products and assist with research and development.

Rotork Process Controls designs and manufactures electric valve actuators for specialised processing and environmental applications demanding swift and precise valve movement and positional control.

Products are manufactured at Rotork Process Controls’ Headquarters at Milwaukee, USA, and fully supported by Rotork’s global network of over 150 offices and representatives.  With more than forty years specialist experience of designing rotary and linear electric actuation solutions to the most demanding applications, including extremes of temperatures within industries such as Cement, Glass, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Power, Oil, Gas And Ethanol, Rotork Process Controls can supply and support customers’ requirements for control valve applications in virtually any operating environment.

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Rotork Gears offers an unrivalled service for valve gearboxes and accessories, completing Rotork’s status as the ‘One-stop-shop’ for valve actuation and control equipment for applications of all sizes and complexity.

Built in Factories in the UK, USA, Italy, Holland and China, Gearbox Products range from low-cost manual operators to highly specified versions for critical sub-sea or buried valve services.  In addition Rotork Gears is the source for a complete range of Positioners, Switchboxes, Solenoids, Mounting Kits, Spools, Pedestals, Extension Spindles, Chainwheels and Handwheels.   

Products and Services are available from and supported by Rotork’s entire network of over 150 global offices and representatives.

Rotork site services offers expertise for the design, installation and commissioning of retrofitted valve actuators and control systems of all descriptions for plant upgrades and extensions.

Services provided also encompass site surveys, actuator audits, maintenance, repair and advice on valve actuation equipment from any manufacturer.  Rotork site services extends Rotork’s commitment to customers beyond the initial supply of new equipment to cover the entire life of the plant, eliminating this responsibility from the plant operators and enabling them to concentrate on their mainstream business.

The benefits of rotork site services are available on a global basis, with fifty service centres in over twenty countries and agents providing support in another 55 countries, bringing the total number to expert technicians supporting Rotork customers to well over 1000.

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Pakscan® - Especially designed for use with all Rotork actuator products, Pakscan is a fast and easy method of linking field equipment with the control room systems via a high integrity communication network.

Modbus® -  Foundation Fieldbus enables devices from multiple vendors to be connected on a common Foundation IEC 61158-2 data highway. When the Rotork Foundation Fieldbus module is fitted heavy-duty actuators may simply and easily be connected to these networks.



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