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Materials Technology and Tubing


SANDVIK materials technology is a world leading producer of high technology stainless steels, special alloy materials and  advanced value- added products, developed in close cooperation with customers.

SANDVIK materials technology consists of five product areas: tube, strip, kanthal, process systems and medtech.

They have a global presence, with a focus on product niches and customers with high demands on productivity, reliability, performance and cost efficiency.

SANDVIK utilises an integrated production process - from steel melt to finished products.



SANDVIK materials technology is a research-intensive company. In SANDVIKen, sweden, SANDVIK materials technology has one of europe's largest r&d facilities for stainless steels and special alloys - with 250 employees including more than 85 persons with academic degrees. 

SANDVIK materials technology has in total about 900 steel codes for production. Every year some 200 codes are optimised, added or withdrawn. In addition, continuous process development is performed to optimise the properties of the materials.

Already in the 1860's, SANDVIK carried out our own chemical analyses and mechanical tests. In 1901, the grandson of the founder brought home from the u.s. SANDVIK's – and perhaps sweden’s – first microscope for metal studies.

The end user's need is the focus of all our activities. New alloys, tailored to special requirements, are developed in close contact with the customer. The R&D centre also provide customers with technical service and advise on materials.



Renewal, revision and revitalisation are never-ending processes within the SANDVIK materials technology research and development organisation. The aim of the company is to be at the leading edge of technology in defined product areas, so that it can provide the best possible solutions and service to the customers.

SANDVIK identify needs and create solutions. This can mean devising new materials for known end uses, finding new applications or improving the properties of existing materials.

Development and improvements are undertaken with the close cooperation of SANDVIK materials technology's customers.



To achieve these goals, SANDVIK has extensive resources. The company has equipment for exploring the microstructures of materials, and for checking their chemical structure and mechanical and physical properties. It has also facilities for full-scale production trials and testing, as well as knowledge, represented by researchers and engineers with the right combination of academic qualifications and practical insight.

SANDVIK´s facility for material´s research is located in close proximity to the company´s manufacturing units. This has given SANDVIK a massive fund of knowledge and a very high capacity for solving problems. This knowledge is the foundation for developing processes and steels tailored to the needs of the market.



SANDVIK materials technology consistently meets customers' expectations and requirements for all products and services.

We secure the product and material properties throughout the manufacturing processes by using the optimum starting material, advanced production technologies and the most rigorous quality control. This is enabled by our fully integrated production technologies and long experience in the development and manufacture of materials for demanding environments.

Our quality management systems are approved by internationally recognized organizations. SANDVIK materials technology holds, for example, the asme quality systems certificate as a materials organization, approval to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, iso 17025, and ped 97/23/ec, as well as product approvals from tüv, jis and Lloyd's register.

See SANDVIK’s list of quality certificates here: 

Connect to SANDVIK’s technical center for access to material datasheets, material safety datasheets (msds), corrosion data, standard designations conversion tables, pressure calculations in the banner link “technical center” at top of this weblink here:

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